School is letting out, which means summer fun is here for the children. And chances are they will play in at least one fun jump this summer.

Earlier this week in New York, three children were injured after a bouncy house was swept away by a gust of wind, flying 50 feet into the air. Jacob Williamson, owner/president of Fun Jumps USA who heads up Acadiana Fun Jumps in Lafayette, says his company is very careful with their customers, especially when it comes to weather conditions. “If winds are over 20 mph, we will go out and deliver it, but we advise the customers that they have to unload the jump and unplug if the winds exceed 20 mph,” says Williamson. “It’s not to say that the stakes wouldn’t hold at that weather, we just don’t want to chance it at that.”

Williamson points out that the model that was swept up in New York was made of a lighter material than what they use at Acadiana Fun Jumps. He says that particular model was made of a nylon material not intended for commercial use or high occupancy use, and that it was a model that you can buy at any national chain store as opposed to a store like his. He says it was also staked down with plastic tent stakes as opposed to much heavier stakes that Acadiana Fun Jumps uses, including 36-inch tether stakes as well as 12-inch steel spikes to keep it down.

Williamson advises you to be careful from where you get your fun jumps. “Each jump company must be certified and state inspected, as well as federally inspected,” points out Williamson. “You know, there’s a lot of small companies out there that don’t report with the state nor with the federal, and that’s the companies that give the inflatable industry a bad name.”

“I’ve been in this business for almost 30 years now, and in those 30 years I have yet to have that happen on one of my customer’s jumps.”

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