Now that summer has unofficially begun, many people are starting to make vacation travel plans, but some are opting to drive instead of flying.

State Police Troop I spokesperson Stephen Hammons, while joining "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" during "Ask the Trooper," said vacationers or travelers should make plans as far ahead as possible.

Hammons suggested gathering the emergency numbers for any state through which one might be traveling, as well as figuring out alternate routes in the case the main route is not available due to construction or any other reason.

"For people to actually realize that, 'Hey, we have a trip coming up; it's still a few weeks out.' Now is the time to plan for it," Hammons said. "If you're now aware of what's around do put yourself in a situation to not be able to navigate successfully some of those detours."

Hammons also discussed:

  • Can you carry a gun in your personal vehicle?
  • What do you do if you're pulled over and you have a gun in your vehicle?

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