Valentine's Day, what a great day for lovers and business.  Little did St. Valentine know when he was martyred that he would spawn such a rich industry.  Most people don't know or forget that St. Valentine was beaten to death and then beheaded.  Gruesome, but he did not waver in his faith and continued to serve The Lord.  That faithfulness is probably why we consider him worthy of this special day.

Once you get past the gruesome part of the St. Valentine story you get to modern times and the sound of cash registers.  Some say the holiday was created by Hallmark to sell cards.  Hallmark does sell millions of cards but others cash in as well.  Candy and chocolate makers, florists, jewelers and restaurants also reap the benefits.

One way or the other I have a feeling St. Valentine would be smiling with all the love and affection being shown worldwide.  A man of love and peace died a gruesome death but whether or not we know it we honor his life's work and his memory.

Hope you took care of your significant other today.