Narcotics agents in Vermilion Parish arrested two individuals, with charges related to drugs possession and distribution. One suspect attempted to evade arrest by feigning a medical condition.

Narcotics agents approached 23-year-old Paul Pillette, whom they suspected was involved in illegal drug activities. Pillette began to fake seizures and fainting spells, becoming incoherent. During his alleged seizure, Pillette was rolling on the ground, and at some point, crack cocaine allegedly fell out of his pocket. He was tested and cleared by medical personnel regarding the seizures, and subsequently tested positive for crack. Pillette was arrested and charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana as well as crack cocaine.

A second arrest was made of 22-year-old Michael Pillette, who was arrested for possession of Marijuana.

Sheriff Mike Couvillon would like to encourage people with information on any illegal drug activity to give his department a call.  He said that any tips would be held in the strictest of confidence.