The local Patriot Guard Riders group is holding a care package drive, and 99.9 KTDY is one of the drop-off locations.  The drive is to collect personal hygiene products for veterans in our local nursing homes, and the deadline is fast approaching.

Organizers of the drive asked us to send a plea for the following items that they are lacking to reach their goal:

90 lap blankets
150 bottles of mouth wash
150 cans of shaving cream
150 pair of men's socks
56 tooth brushes
74 razors
110 bottles of shampoo
150 bottles of men's cologne
100 sticks/cans of deodorant

The Patriot Guard Riders are to start delivering the packages on October 25, so if you can help, please do!  For more information, or to make a monetary donation (to help purchase the items), please call 254-2518.