Without going in to a lot of detail about the situation in the Ukraine I'll just touch on the basics. Russia is occupying the Crimean peninsula where a large number of Russian speaking people say they want more autonomy from the Ukrainian government in Kiev. To get the folks in Crimea to lean more towards the European Union than Russia the Union matched a $15 Billion loan guarantee from Russia to help the Ukraine's financial crisis. In addition to that we, the United States of America offered an additional $1 billion load guarantee.

I just don't get a couple of things in the first paragraph above. Aren't many of the European Union nations on shaky financial footing. Second we're guaranteeing $1 billion loan with what? Are we using Chinese Yen to back that loan. We are trillions of dollars in the hole yet our government can 'guarantee' a loan of a $1 billion!

All of the above was a set up for the question, 'If we can guarantee a $1 billion loan on the other side of the planet for someone to like us better than Mother Russia why can't Congress come across with money to build and maintain VA clinics for our vets in Louisiana and nationwide?