BP's Macondo well blew out this date five years ago in the Gulf of Mexico killing eleven. Today many in state and national government paid tribute to those who died.

In asking for a moment of silence in Washington Senator Bill Cassidy said,

Congressman Bill Cassidy, KPEL photo

“This is hard. These were just people we grew up with. So I apologize for being emotional, but these are our neighbors. We pray their families find peace in the memory of their sons, husbands and fathers. The Macondo oil spill was the worst in our nation's history. While the consequences of this spill are still seen, it is our task to live forward and in so doing honor the memory of these men and provide a better future for their families. I ask that you will allow a moment of silence to honor their memory.”

You can watch the video of Senator Cassidy's comments by clicking below:

Gov. Bobby Jindal (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement,

"Five years ago today, eleven honorable men were taken from us far too soon in the tragic Deepwater Horizon explosion off of our coast. This year, as we reflect upon each individual who lost their lives that fateful day, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these men. They worked tirelessly for countless hours on the rig to provide for their families, and their work helped drive an industry that supports thousands more families across our state. Although they are no longer with us, they will forever be in our memory."