Wondering what the inside of the new Ragin' Cajun Athletic Performance Center looks like? Take a video tour and see for yourself.

The university released a full look at their new, snazzy facility for all the members of Cajun Nation who haven't been lucky enough to get a trip through the halls yet. From the Cajun names enshrined on the walls to the nuts and bolts in the massive weight room, you can get a glimpse of what will bring college recruits through UL's doors for years to come.

You can see players already reaping the benefits of the construction project. Athletes fuel up, work out, leave a hard day of practice and get right into the state-of-the-art hydrotherapy tubs, get some relaxation time with the team in the players lounge...there's everything a person could need.

There's a reason Cajun Nation has started referring to the new APC as the "Taj Mahal." Take a look for yourself.