The veterans of the Vietnam war are getting a party in their honor. On March 31st, a much belated welcome home is planned, with live music and food also in the works. At 10:00 AM on Saturday, at the Comeaux Recreation Center, the vets will be meeting to enjoy the company of other vets from across the Acadiana area.

The U.S. Senate adopted a resolution around one year ago declaring March 30th Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day due to March 30th, 1973 being the day that the U.S. withdrew from South Vietnam.

Many soldiers across the country came home to names such as "baby-killers" and "losers." This wasn't the case in the Louisiana because it had fewer anti-war protests, according to Vietnam vet Tom Grote. He says that is was "a nice place to come home to."

The event is being organized by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Acadiana Chapter No. 141.