It's the day many in Lafayette have been waiting for, there are now visible changes to the roof of the Cajundome.

Phil Ashurst posted a few photos of the Cajundome roof on August 30th and it shows the white surface of the roof against the black "marks" on the roof.

From what it looks like in these photos, the roof of the dome is getting a good washing. Still, Cajundome officials have said from day one that the coating on the roof was eroding, thus that's why we were seeing the black rubber coating under the original white coating.

Pihil does say in his post that roof of the dome was being cleaned and repaired. And that's good for the eye.

In any case, we're just glad to see improvements to the roof of the dome. As many of you visit Cajun Field this weekend for the Cajuns game, take look east and see if you can find the improvements.