Chris Kissel of Townsquare Media is a native of Aurora, Colorado scene of a late night shooting that has left 14 dead.  Kissel visited on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and described the area along with some personal insights.

Kissel said Aurora is a Denver suburb but is a very large one with nearly 300,000 people.  We asked Kissel if anyone in his family was involved in the shooting and he replied,

"My sister is 14 years old and know she is a fan and probably asked my Dad to go to the movie.  I know he would not have let me go at 14 years of age and I don't think he would let me go now at 24 years of age so I know he did not let her go."

iPhone video making it's way to the web shows people streaming from the theater with large numbers of police and EMT's converging on the theater at the same time.  Kissel agrees there seems to be a heighten awareness of terror type activities and reaction times seem to be much shorter after the Columbine shooting.

Listen to the interview: