(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today made the following statement after President Obama’s fiscal policy address at George Washington University.

 “President Obama today clearly articulated that his fiscal policy hinges on raising taxes. But the problem isn’t that our taxes are too low – it’s that the current spending habits in Washington that have created recipe for disaster.  The answer is not increasing taxes or perpetrating class warfare, but to make bold spending cuts so we don’t leave this fiscal mess for our children and grandchildren. Increasing taxes during this economy would seriously hurt America’s job creators,” said Vitter.


“It’s almost comical that the president claims that Obamacare will help reduce the deficit yet fails to acknowledge how much his failed bailouts, stimulus and other reckless spending have contributed to the fiscal mess we’re in,” added Vitter.
Vitter also said this week that he will oppose the proposed continuing resolution for not making enough deficit spending cuts.
“I'm voting no on the budget deal this week because we need a far more meaningful start to saving our country from fiscal ruin.  In just eight days leading up to this deal, we racked up $54 billion in new debt--way more than the proposed cuts.  And when you look at the details of the cuts, even that $38 billion isn't real.  We must do far better,” Vitter said.