This is a neat email from a radio listener.  Check it out to see if you want to participate.

I recently heard about voting for the NCAA Coach of the Year. Upon receiving the link to cast my vote, I decided to enthusiastically spread the word to others to vote for Coach Hudspeth as coach of the year. With all of the Cajun's recent success, increase in a attendance, and renewed enthusiasm from the community regarding the Cajuns, I think the community should show our gratitude to Coach Hudspeth for all he has been able to accomplish. In the 24 hours since I first heard about voting I have seen his votes increase by over 600 votes, not to mention he has moved up from 22nd in the rankings to 15th. If there is anything you can do to get the word out about voting it would be greatly appreciated by a lifelong cajun fan and an alumni. Please note that fans are able to vote once a day, per email address. Voting ends on December 3rd.