I want to preface this by saying that I am not a believer that the 2012 election was stolen.  I believe that the President was able to turn out more people to vote for him than what Mitt Romney was able to turn out to vote for him.  All of that said, when you hear a story like this, it does put doubt into your mind.

The story comes out of Ohio where a woman that was a poll worker for the last 25 years admitted to Cincinnati TV station WCPO that she had actually voted twice in the last election.  The woman's name is Melowese Richards and she claims that she never meant to vote twice, but she voted absentee on November 1 of last year, but was afraid that her ballot would not be counted, so to make sure that she was heard from, she voted again on election day and was allowed to do so.

Now, let's get this straight.  She never meant to commit voter fraud, but she just committed voter fraud.  Yeah, makes sense.  It was also found out that this woman's granddaughter had also voted twice in the last election.  Something's rotten in the Buckeye State and you have to wonder just how much of this has happened.

If we would just take a simple, basic step and require IDs when someone votes, we would not have this kind of thing take place, quite as often.  An ID to get an absentee ballot would automatically register that someone wanted a ballot and then it would register when that ballot came in that this person has voted.  Then if they try to vote on election day again, they get turned away, plain and simple.  Why is this such a hard concept?

Voter fraud was not enough to defeat Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney defeated Mitt Romney.  Still, you have to ask some serious questions in light of what we saw in this case in Ohio.  Serious questions, indeed.