Louisiana citizens will be going to the polls in less than eight weeks. Now is the time to make sure that your voice can and will be heard when the time comes to make decisions for our state and our community.

The best way we know of to be hear loudly is to voice your opinion with your vote. You can't vote if you aren't registered so now is the time to make sure that piece of business is handled.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler told the Louisiana Radio Network the purpose for raising registration awareness.

The main purpose is for those who are not a part of that 15 percent that aren't, to go ahead and register to vote. It's easier than ever now.

There are many ways a person can register or verify that they are registered to vote in the upcoming October 24th election.  The simplest way is register online via the geauxvote.com website. You can also register in person at the Registrar of Voters office in your parish or you can register via mail.  If you have a valid driver's license you can register to vote.

In order to vote in the Oct. 24 election, you have to be registered to vote by the close of business on Wed., Sept. 23.

That means you have slightly more than three weeks to get registered to vote. The current average for voter turnout in state elections is about 50-55% of the electorate. That means that half the people are choosing the course for all of us. Your vote does make a difference but only if you're registered and you take the time to go vote.