The trial against one of the newest laws dealing with education in Louisiana has finally gotten a date, October 15th.

The Governor pushed the new law and helped get it passed, but overall, the multiple education groups across the state have been pushing it to trial in order to get it removed.

The program allows for publicly schooled children to apply for vouchers if they are currently enrolled in a school that has a bad grade, a C or below.

The Louisiana Federation of Teachers and the Louisiana Association of Educators are both arguing that the law should be rendered unconstitutional because it is using tax payers money to pay for private a parochial schooling.

Steve Monaghan, president of the LFT, says that he is one of three groups that are suing the state over the voucher program. "Sooner would have been better, but the process will play out," commented Monaghan.

He also stated that the law will likely come under fire on a federal level as well.