A new study from the Violence Policy Center finds Louisiana ranks second in the country for the rate of women who are murdered by men. VPC Legislative Director, Kristen Rand, says this is the sixth year in a row that Louisiana has made the top 10. She says that may have something to do with the state’s gun laws.

“Lax gun laws contribute to these homicides, and in Louisiana we saw that 63% of the victims were killed with firearms,” Rand said.

Alaska was the only state with a higher rate of women murdered by men. Rand says black women are at a higher risk than white women because 29 of the 51 females murdered by men in 2014 were African American. She says in most cases, the woman has a relationship with the attacker.

“In Louisiana we saw that 73% of the women who knew their assailants were wives, common law wives, or other intimate partners of the perpetrator,” Rand said.

In 2014, the Louisiana passed a law that prevents convicted domestic abusers from purchasing a gun for ten years after the completion of their probation, but the law doesn’t require them to surrender their weapons. She says Louisiana needs to keep passing laws to protect domestic violence victims.

“To number one bring attention to the problem, focus on anger management, and removing firearms from these volatile situations,” Rand said.