The Walker Police Sergeant accused of hanging a noose in the squad room has resigned. Capt. John Sharp says the resignation comes ahead of the city council meeting where the allegations against the officer would be discussed.

“By resigning that eliminated the need to have that discussion and potentially take whatever action the city council deemed to be necessary,” Sharp said.

The noose was discovered hanging in the squad room with a cookie tied to it on February 24, and the sergeant was later suspended for three days without pay. Sharp says the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. He says it will be up to the Livingston Parish District Attorney to decide whether or not to file criminal charges.

“There’s a state statute that outlaws the display of a noose with the intent to intimidate a specific person or a specific group of people,” Sharp said.

Sharp says the sergeant has been with the department for a long time. He says they hate to lose a good officer over a lapse in judgement, but this accusation could cast the department in a bad light if no action was taken. He says this resignation was best for the department.

“Our community has to have confidence in what we are doing and what we are about, and we are not about any type of symbolism that might suggest racism,” Sharp said.