Former Texas Tech Defensive Coordinator and current Ragin' Cajun LB Coach Matt Wallerstedt responded to allegations of giving away signals to opposing teams after departing from the program.

Interim Texas Tech Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith accused Wallerstedt of effectively sabotaging the Red Raiders, which Wallerstedt and his lawyer, Gaines West, did not take lightly and swiftly adressed.

Here is Wallerstedt's official response to the allegations through his attorney: "I have not shared with anyone the Red Raiders defensive signals. I respect the players at Texas Tech and would never do such a thing." Wallerstedt went on to say:  "It sounds like something that's done in the political arena - blaming someone else for what you now control. Coach Kingsbury and Smith would do well to simply execute their own game plan instead of trying to blame others for what may be their own shortcomings."