People making plans for their Fourth of July celebrations like to head to Louisiana for the festivities. According to WalletHub, the New Orleans is the third best city for Independence Day parties.

Jill Gonzales with WalletHub says the study looked at entertainment and food options, attractions and activities, and weather forecast. She says New Orleans did particularly well in the food category.

“It was second when it came to the entertainment and food options there. When it comes to food choices per capita, it has some of the highest numbers in the country,” Gonzales said.

Seattle and Minneapolis were the only two cities to top New Orleans on the list. The study found the average household will spend around $370 on their celebration. Gonzales says the cost of partying in New Orleans for the holiday weekend was lower than other cities.

“When you’re looking at how much things cost, whether it’s a Fourth of July party or a fireworks show, often times there is little to no cost for that, which ranked better than a lot of other cities on the list,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales says New Orleans ranked number one for the number of festivals and events taking place this weekend, many of which are free. She says the only category that New Orleans did not fare well in was the forecast because of higher temperatures and a chance of rain.

“The forecasted precipitation for the Fourth of July, that Monday exactly there’s about a 35% chance. We’d like that to look more like zero,” Gonzales said.