Walt Bennetti of clickjefferson.com joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to offer his views on:

  • The Legislature - 3 weeks to go - very disappointing thus far
  • Governor Bobby Jindal in Virginia this weekend endorsing a gubernatorial candidate
  • The Dalai Lama addressing Tulane University graduates
  • A total of seven arrested in the Mother's Day shooting in New Orleans

When asked about the actions of the Louisiana Legislature this session Bennetti said,

I'm really disappointed with the session this year.  I actually had very high hopes.  I thought we would tackle big issues like the state income tax, corporates taxes, education reform, just a lot of big issues.  We have a Republican majority in the House and Senate, we have Republicans in every statewide elected position.  It just seems like we could do so much more yet it seems like the Governor kinda abdicated any form of leadership at the beginning of the session when he said, 'I can't fix the state's income tax so you guys have at it'.

In regards to Governor Bobby Jindal, Bennetti noted,

The Governor is not influencing Louisiana but he's trying to influence Virginia.  He was in Virginia this weekend and he endorsed the Republican gubernatorial candidate.  But Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the only Republican running so why not endorse him?

Bennetti attended Tulane University's graduation this weekend where the Dalai Lama gave the keynote address and he had observations to share about that and the Mother's Day shooting in New Orleans.  You can hear his comments by listening to the interview:

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