Walt Bennetti of clickjefferson.com joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed topics that included:

  • Governor Jindal's tax swap
  • State Senator Elbert Guillory's support for the LA movie tax credit
  • The grand jury investigating MEDICAID and a company named CNSI
  • Senate passage by a 50-49 vote of the first budget passed in four years
  • Senator Mary Landrieu adding a provision to the budget to accelerate Louisiana's share of oil and gas revenues.

Recently on his blog clickjefferson.com Bennetti dissected Governor Jindal's plan to eliminate Louisiana state income tax and replace it with increased sales taxes.  We asked if Bennetti thought the Governor's proposal would place and undue burden on the poor.  Bennetti replied,

Obviously, when you break everything down the poor have less disposable income.  Most of their income goes towards the basic needs...all of those items are not taxed so how can the impact of increasing the sales tax by 1.88 percent put undue pressure on low income people when they have less to spend on the things that are going to be taxed.

On the topic of Louisiana's movie tax credit Bennetti says he is against the credit but for different reasons than State Senator Elbert Guillory from St. Landry Parish.

Guillory wants to keep the movie tax credits and protect them.  I didn't know Opelousas was the new Hollywood South...The movie tax credits are a tax incentive for the rich because they don't really help movie companies.  They're given these credits and they sell these tax credits to people who can use them to offset their income.  They're buying a dollars worth of tax credits for 30 cents.  Is it really an incentive for the movie companies and will it really help Opelousas?  I don't understand why the Senator is really involved.

To hear Bennetti's comments about Senator Landrieu, the Senate passed budget and the CNSI scandal take a  listen to the interview:

To read more from Walt Bennetti check out his blog at clickjefferson.com.