Clickjefferson's Walt Bennetti joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and said as the Louisiana legislative session begins to wind down Legislators seemed confused about what they've accomplished.

According to Bennetti,

The House did pass the budget on Friday sending it over to the Senate.  They passed it 93-5.  There were a few Republican hold-outs...In typical fashion, you know with any compromise the House couldn't even agree if the budget was an increase or if it was a cut.  House Appropriations Chairman Jim Fannin said the House budget was bigger than Governor Jindal's original budget but members of the fiscal hawks said 'no, we cut the budget'.

Bennetti noted,

Even Governor Jindal was originally against the budget compromise but then when reality finally set in he finally softened up a bit.

When we asked Bennetti for his take on a shooting that occurred in New Orleans 7th Ward during a Mother's Day parade yesterday he replied,

The problem is the hoods and the thugs know where people are going to congregate so they take that opportunity in public to try to shoot and attack someone...Unfortunately 19 people got injured including two 10 year old children....It's just senseless violence...What we need is thug control not gun control .

Listen to the interview:

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