Political blogger Walt Bennetti of clickjefferson.com joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed among other things:

  • Senator Mary Landrieu's assessment of herself as being 'indispensable'.
  • Congressman Charles Boustany blasting the IRS over ObamaCare
  • Current legislation before the Louisiana Legislature

We questioned Bennetti about Senator Landrieu's comment about being 'indispensable' and Bennetti said,

 Her exact quote was 'without sounding braggadocios I am indispensable in this effort to secure for Louisiana a significant and reliable string of revenue to save our coast'.

Continuing the discussion on Senator Mary Landrieu, Bennetti commented,

It's funny how politicians always seem to find a sense of urgency about a year before their re-election.  Landrieu was elected...took office in 1997 and we weren't getting our share of oil royalties in 1997 so this isn't a new problem.

According to Bennetti,

Congressman Boustany made some news chairing the annual hearing of the IRS' expenses...they want an additional $1 billion for 6,000 new employees.  Boustany was critical of the IRS saying it's taking away from their mandate.  Giving them a new role not only as a revenue collector but also as social program administrators.

Bennetti had a lot more to say about Senator Mary Landrieu and bills up for consideration in the Louisiana Legislature and you can hear his comments by listening to the interview:

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