Pharrell Williams' huge hit "Happy" came out in 2013, and it's still making people 'happy' well into 2015!

At a recent basketball game, a boy attending the game (seen in the video below) shows some rather impressive dance moves as "Happy" was being played while the teams were warming up. It was not only fun to watch his dancing but to see others smiling and clapping while watching him! Of course, there were a couple of people who actually weren't smiling, which I don't get!

Watch the video of the boy dancing below:

A star is born.

Posted by What The Flicka? on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This reminded me of the time me, my dad, my brother and a family friend attended a then-New Orleans Hornets game and my brother won a dancing-in-the-stands contest. Basically, the then-Hornets game management staff would highlight people who were dancing to the song they were playing, then decide who the winner was by the crowd's reaction. My brother, who has some great dancing skills of his own (by the way, my dancing skills are usually limited to chair dancing, which is what I'm doing right now listening to "Happy" as I type) decided to take part in the competition. About three minutes of tiresome dancing later (and he was a little tired after competing for the prize), he was able to win the competition.

It takes some guts to continue dancing like that when hundreds, even thousands, of people are watching you and are ready to laugh at you as soon as you screw up. But, if you watch Pharrell's "Happy" video, you'll notice the spirit of it doesn't really concentrate on how well you dance, but how 'happy' you are doing it!

Watch Pharrell's "Happy" video below: