If you use a leather holster for your handgun, Glen Fleming, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" for "Firearms Friday," said to make sure change it every few months.

Fleming said over time leather holsters can become "flappy" and can actually get caught in the trigger guard, possibly causing an accidental discharge.

"That's a bad way to learn a lesson," Fleming said.

He also suggested adding a dehumidifier to your gun safe to prevent your firearms from rusting, which "does nothing good at all."

"Bad for inside and outside of the gun," Fleming said.

Also discussed on "Firearms Friday":

  • Gun sales near Ferguson, Mo. have gone up 50 percent since the start of the rioting there.
  • Acadiana Gun Works is moving to a new location.
  • A gun buyback program in Georgia resulted in guns being auctioned off to residents instead of being destroyed as organizers thought they would be.

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