When PASA Presents It, It's Great!  Great slogan and so true.  Last night Boz Scaggs delighted fans with a trip back in time and a trip forward to his latest release. Great night of incredible musicianship and talent.  Boz and his band mates seemed really humbled by the standing ovations and the encore call.

This was one of the most polite audiences I've had the pleasure of being a part of...but some people just don't get how rude they are.  Signs throughout the Heymann Performance Arts Center state 'No Videoing.  The program stated at the top of the page 'No Photography' and 'No Video'.  I guess some people are just intent on capturing the moment to enjoy later on a very small screen with marginal quality they don't care how rude they are.  While you are watching your small screen video as you record I guess you don't care if you are distracting everyone around you with the 4.5 inch display of glowing glass.  From the balcony just how good do you think that video will be?

The glowing screen is one thing, but how well do you think that flash will light up the Heymann?  Again from the second row of the balcony you probably got a great shot of the two heads in front of you.  You did succeed in momentarily blinding those around you.  I hope you enjoy the images of the heads of the two people in front of you.

Aside from the aggravating behavior of the smart-phone camera wielding photog (there's a misnomer in this case for sure...smart-phone) his companion felt like she just had to text everybody she knew to tell them she was enjoying the Boz Scaggs concert and they were not!  Here's somebody trying to dim the display on her smart phone so she knew she was disturbing people but what the heck, it's her phone and she did buy a ticket.

The ticket price entitles you to view and listen to a performance but does not give you the right to disturb the ticket privileges of everyone around you.

Enjoy the show next time but turn your phone off or better yet, leave it in the car.