Louisiana residents can certainly sympathize with the residents of West Virginia these past couple of days. It was earlier this year our state was hit with record setting rainfall that sent creeks, coulees, streams, and rivers over their banks and into homes in businesses.

West Virginia has experienced a similar fate with record rainfall totals earlier this week. The Mountaineer State as you might guess has a much different topography than the relatively flat land of Louisiana. In addition to the loss of life and property there is another very unique concern for Louisiana football fans. The Saints are supposed to hold their training camp again this year in West Virginia.

I could see them conceivably starting perhaps training camp down here and then going to West Virginia to hold a portion of training camp.

The comments of Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic as made to the Louisiana Radio Network. 

The Saints are again scheduled to be at the Greenbriar Resort for mini camp on July 27th. Authorities at the Greenbriar and across West Virginia are still assessing the damage to infrastructure. How much damage there is and how soon it could be repaired certainly will figure into the Saints decision. The team wants to be a help not a hindrance to the situation.

Until they get a better grasp of just how much damage there is to the infrastructure up there and how capable the Greenbrier Resort is in general of hosting the Saints then I think you’ll see a decision made about a week or two before training camp.

Should the facilities in West Virginia not be ready for the July 27th beginning of camp there are other options.  The team might opt to begin camp in New Orleans or share camp with the New England Patriots in Foxborough Massachusetts.

Garic suggested that having the Saints in West Virginia would be a good thing. He recalled how the Saints helped New Orleans after Katrina. He believes having the team at the Greenbriar might be a big morale boost for those affected by the flooding.

I’m sure they feel a bit obligated to return the favor, they’ve always been a big community oriented team so I think that’ll be a part of the decision making process once they decide definitively what they’re doing.