The Powerball is estimated to be at least $550 million tonight. We all ask the question -- "What would you do if you won the lottery?"

It's a fun question to ponder. Most of us would sure have a good time, I know that! Splurge a bit, take a vacation, buy a new house and some new rides, etc.

But, really, what does $550 million get you these days? Well, in south Louisiana, a lot! Here are a few items that we know and love and how many of each you could buy if you hit the jackpot.


Best Stop



153,203,342 pounds of boudin from the Best Stop in Scott


Olde Tyme Grocery







61,452,513 whole shrimp poboys at Olde Tyme Grocery in Lafayette




Cafe du Monde





103,773,584 orders of beignets with a cup of coffee from Café du Monde in New Orleans












15,714,285 sacks of crawfish