As we look at Iowa and wonder what it all means, there have been many that have said that the reason for the field being the way that it is, is because George W. Bush had no successor.  I am not sure that this is a true thing because as you break it down, it is not up to President Bush to name one.  That is for the Republican Party to decide and they do that through a primary process, which is what we are going through now.

As the results come in, I can come to one conclusion.  People in the Republican Party are longing for the next coming of Ronald Reagan when that is just not going to happen.

That would be why Mitt Romney is not getting the support of more people because they aren't satisfied with his positions on one or the other thing.  At the same time Newt Gingrich is not perfect in some of the personal things he has done over the years (ex: 3 marriages).  Rick Santorum got the benefit of being in the right place at the right time and scored a lot of the evangelical vote and gained himself a second place showing.  It might help his campaign in the short term, but he will not get traction from this.  Ron Paul suffers from being Ron Paul and did not do as well as he should have in the grand scheme of things, given that the caucus is designed for candidates like him to win.

At the end of it all, it will be up to voters to decide that they just need to pick a candidate and be happy with them as they are.  That means eventually uniting behind one of them, whoever that may be.  There is no perfect candidate in this race.  That is the bottom line in what the results in Iowa are all about.