Ben Hansen is a former FBI Special Agent with extensive experience in investigation of violent crimes and abductions. Hansen hosts a series on SyFy called Paranormal Files: Fact Or Faked, and is someone who uses scientific reasoning to search for truth.

Hansen has experience in psychological profiling, which he applied to interviews with former President Bill Clinton and sitting President Barack Obama, which included questions about aliens and UFOs. The interviews were conducted by Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres, and while their shows are light entertainment, Hansen noticed that both men's behavior indicated signs of aggravation or stress.

Hansen doesn't believe these signs mean Clinton and Obama know anything about aliens or that aliens or even real, he simply believes it's interesting that questions about them cause both men to react this way. Hansen just released his analysis of Ellen's interview with Obama, which includes references to aliens. You can watch Hansen's analysis of Kimmel's interviews with Clinton and Obama here.

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