It has taken a little time for the results to settle in.  As I was part of KPEL's election coverage, I had a front seat to when results rolled in for the Presidential election as well as local races of interest.  Based on that, things came along fast and furious (no pun intended), and I had little time to reflect on it until this morning.

What America voted for was more of what we have had for the last two years.  Gridlock is what we have and gridlock is what we'll get.  Obama has ideas but will he be able to get them through?  Chances are the answer to that is no.

But what we need to take from an election like this is to reexamine ourselves.  Remember that what makes America great is not who is President or who represents us, but it is you and I.  It is you, who gets up every morning and heads to work to make your way in the world.  It is you, who spends time inspiring and teaching children.  It is you and I, as we look at what we can do to make things a little better than what they are.

Ultimately it is also looking to what our priorities are.  What makes us do what we do?  If you have family, you remember to focus yourself on how blessed you are to have them.  If you have a list of what motivates you in your life, that is the list of things that you value and treasure.  These are the things that make life full and fun, regardless of who sleeps in the White House.