If you check your Facebook news feed over the next few days you will be pleasantly surprised to find that almost everyone of the people you have befriended is now a medical expert.

Many of them have become overnight podiatrist and they will be telling you and anyone else who dares to read their comments exactly what the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees need to be doing with his injured foot.

If you didn't hear Drew Brees injured his foot in the  Monday Night Game against Detroit. The diagnosis is a tear in the plantar fascia. Because I have "The Google" I can tell you that the plantar fascia is that band of tissue that connects from your heel bone to your toes. Chances are if you're a runner or a jogger you've felt a pain in the bottom of your foot after over training. That's plantar fasciitis.

Drew Brees has a tear in that tissue on the bottom of his foot. I can tell you that it's very painful and it makes walking, much less running for your life behind a poor Saints offensive line, very difficult to do. So many Saints fans are wondering if Brees will play on Sunday versus Jacksonville.

If doctors were consulting you or I as weekend athletes they would tell us to stay off the foot for a few days or weeks. They  might even put us in a prosthetic boot to help stabilize the foot and minimize the abuse on the plantar fascia as we go about our daily routine. You and I are not highly paid athletes. Drew Brees is and he is a very tough man despite the fact that he can't stand to wear uncomfortable blue jeans.

Here's what we know. The tear in the plantar fascia is very painful. In this case it affects the plant foot for Drew Brees throwing motion. If it were you or I our doctor would put us in a boot and tell us to chill for a few weeks.

What would you tell the Saints to do with Drew Brees now that you have become learned in the ways of feet? Do you play him in a meaningless game or do you give your backup QB a chance to see some action?