When I was growing up if you did the crime you did the time.  In cases of 1st degree murder or rape that usually meant death.

I think in an effort to be “humane” in our treatment of criminals we have forgotten our responsibility to the victims.  In recent cases you hear of those convicted of murder getting fifteen years to life and they will probably be out in 15 or less for “good behavior”.  More and more cases of incest and aggravated rape of a child or children and the sentence might be some number of years with early parole.

I don’t care how much “good behavior” that happens in prison it’s the behavior out in the real world that must be judged and corrected.  We are giving shorter and shorter sentences thanks to the ACLU and other liberal organizations and because the jails are over crowded so it’s inhumane to subject criminals to this punishment.  What about those children who’s lives will never be normal?  What about the families of those killed?  Shouldn’t they get justice no matter how inhumane it is for the criminal to suffer?  That’s the whole point behind the death penalty!  Give them a fair trial, appeal and then carry out the maximum penalty allowed by law.  Reduce the shortage of space in our prisons and rid the planet of people that don’t deserve to be fed, clothed and housed for free for life.

Our judicial system as it stands now is a waste of money for taxpayers and a free ride for murders and rapists.  It’s time to put justice back into the judicial system.