Houses have been gutted. People have filed insurance claims and registered with FEMA.

You may be wondering what to expect when the inspector comes to your home. It's important to be prepared.

  • You need to be an adult, at least 18-years-old.
  • You must be present for the inspection, and have photo ID.
  • You'll need to provide proof of ownership, and occupancy. That includes a mortgage payment receipt, or statement, utility bill, or property tax bill.
  • Make sure the agency has up to date contact information. You can register, and update your info at, or by phone at 1-800-621-3362. Lines are open 6am - 10pm, seven days a week.
  • If the inspector fails to produce photo ID & a badge, don't allow access to your home. If you suspect the individual is impersonating a FEMA inspector, contact local law enforcement.

The agency will review your inspection results, and they tell us you'll receive a letter about your eligibility within one week.