While people are dealing with flood damage to their floors and furniture, many people in Louisiana may be dealing with flood damage to their guns and ammunition as well. Glenn Fleming of Acadiana Gun Works in Scott addressed that issue on this edition of "Firearms Friday."

Before getting into that discussion, Glenn touched upon self-protection during a time of crises, such as the flood. He pointed out that in Louisiana, you are only authorized to use deadly force when you or someone else's life is threatened, not in an effort to prevent looting. In speaking with Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee of "Acadiana's Morning News," they also discussed the reality of dealing with flood damage cleanup.

Then the discussion turned to flooded waters covering guns and cases. Unfortunately, as Glenn points out, there's no case that he knows of that's going to protect the firearm from water.

"Guns. They're metal. If they get wet, they're going to rust. But one of the biggest things is ammo. If your ammo got wet, don't use it. Just trash it. Look at it like this: It might have gotten wet inside the bullet, it might not have, but when you're actually firing and you get a hangfire or a misfire, that's not the time to find out."

Glenn also gave the example of someone losing 500 rounds of ammo to flooding. He suggested calling the Lafyette Parish sheriff's Office, not 911, for those disposal purposes.

He also mentioned the step of getting your gun appraised for insurance purposes. His store is offering 20% off for cleanings and appraisals.