If you are in shock at having to pull together all your worldly possessions because of the more than 20 inches of rain that deluged us here in south Louisiana, you are not alone. but what next? Our friends at Houselogic have some very important tips for navigating the maze after a disastrous flood. Just remember - document, document, document!

  • Avoid Additional Risks - if it was serious enough for you to leave, than be extra careful upon your return
  • Take Pictures - document EVERYTHING
  • Protect Your Health - don't wade into murky waters in or out of the house when you don't know what is lurking beneath
  • Call Your Insurance Company - and try to gather important documents, if possible
  • Find Out if You Are In a Disaster Area - increased resources are available as soon as your area has been officially declared
  • Remove Water - but get the OK from your insurance company first
  • Mitigate Mold Damage - remove wet contents ASAP
  • Secure the Property - this is critical so that no additional damage occurs

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