Today's edition of "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" featured Captain Craig Stansbury with the Lafayette Sheriff's Office for a segment to discuss when, and the reasons why, a law enforcement officer can search your home or vehicle.

Captain Stansbury was answering questions by Ken and Bernie about how an officer determines how an officer make the decision to ask an individual to search their car if they are pulled over for a traffic stop.  Stansbury says there could be a variety of reasons why an officer may due so, but the officer must have probable cause.  Stansbury says often an officer simply has to ask someone  if they mind their vehicles being search, and he says most individuals allow police to do so without objection.

Stansbury says when they pull someone over for an offense if they see something illegal in the car, they are duty bound to search the vehicle, and he says in most cases someone carrying something illegal doesn't offer resistance once they realize the officer has spotted contraband.

In reference to searching someone's home, Stansbury says there are many similarities to how decisions are made to search a vehicle, but also some differences.  Stansbury says if an officer thinks someone may be in danger, than, once again, they are duty bound to search the premises.  He says in many instances officers may even ask everyone to stay put while a warrant is being sought to search the home.

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