A homeowner has the right to defend himself in his home if he feels threatened or if he feels his life is in danger, according to Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesperson Brooks David.

"Anytime that a homeowner feels his life or anybody inside his home life is in...immediate danger, and he feels that they could be killed or serious bodily injury can occur, he or she has the right to protect himself or his family or her family from that intruder, whether that's deadly force or whatever means needs to be taken," David said.

A Lafayette shooting on California Street, in which a homeowner shot to death a suspect who broke into his home, has raised several questions as to when a deadly force is justified. David, who refused to speak on the specifics of the Lafayette case but instead chose to speak to a hypothetical case, said the way police handle an investigation will vary from case to case.

"It could be different from me being a law enforcement officer sitting in my home to you as a radio show host," David said.

According to Lafayette police, the suspect in the California Street shooting was shot by the homeowner as he was trying to flee the home. In the case of law enforcement, police have to make a split-second decision to "eliminate that threat, even if he is running away from you," especially in those situations when a fleeing suspect is heading in the direction of other vulnerable people.

"We have split seconds to decide what we're going to do and act," David said.

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