Many people are asking us "Where can I buy #teambrittni gear?"  Well, we now have a link!

T-shirts, keychains, yard signs, caps, window decals: they are all available online now.  ALL PROCEEDS FROM THESE SALES GO DIRECTLY TO BRITTNI AND HER FAMILY!

#teambrittni gear

Do you remember CJ promoting the "I'm One Of CJ's Sugahs" t-shirts?  Well, the same woman who designed that shirt is the woman behind the design and sale of the #teambrittni gear.  Kelli Guidry with SPANA (Single Parents Are Not Alone) was gracious enough to not only design and spearhead the printing of the items (along with Hulco Printers), she also arranged for the order form to be put on the SPANA website!

#teambrittni gear

SPANA, (Single Parents are Not Alone) began in the spring of 2006 as a concept.  As a single parent for several years, Miyoka Broussard (living in Arizona at the time) had a desire to help other single parents going through similar challenges and successes.  That vision became a reality in 2007 when SPANA became incorporated in Tucson, AZ and shortly after partnered with YES Network.  In 2009, SPANA received its 501-C3 status.

Now based in Lafayette, LA, SPANA Acadiana is helping single parent families with this new local chapter, and also helping #teambrittni!

As of now, you can pay for #teambrittni gear online through PayPal, or as a PayPal "guest" with your debit or credit card. You can contact Kelli Guidry directly to arrange other payment options by "Private Messaging" her on Facebook.

#teambrittni gear

Click this link to set up your own PayPal account.  It's quick, easy, and convenient!!  (Many online sales will take PayPal as payment - very convenient if you frequently shop online).

If you do purchase gear, and you live in the greater Lafayette area (Acadiana), please select "Pick Up" option, as that will save on shipping (and trips to the post office!).

If you would like to send Brittni a card, the address is

Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL. 33612
Brittni Clements Room 404

I visited with Brittni, CJ and Debbie, and they are so humbled at the outpouring of love and support (CJ said "This is a great facility, and the team here is taking top-notch care of Brittni, but we sure miss home!  We are feeling the love, and it's keeping Brittni going").

If you aren't interested in the #teambrittni gear, you can donate directly to Brittni's bank account by visiting Lafayette Schools Credit Union; they will deposit your donation straight into her account.

After you order your #teambrittni gear, please share this link on social media with your friends and family; we know that the Clements family would greatly appreciate it!