If you keep hearing talk about social media and you haven't gotten started yet, you might wonder just what to do.  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about it.

One of the things that Russo said you need to do is listen first.  Russo said,

Treat it like a cocktail party.  You would never walk into an event and immediately start talking about yourself.  You would walk in and listen first.  Listen to the conversation and find the right moment to step in and participate.

Russo also said it was important to respond like a regular human being would.  That seems simple to say, but,

Somehow people think because there is a keyboard and a screen between them and the audience that they need to start acting like a robot...Speak to people the way they want to be spoken to, don't use all caps, use manners, let them respond and participate in the conversation.

Russo also mentioned that you need to make sure that you don't delete and don't block comments you may not like,

Just because they write something that you don't like...that's a really bad reason to delete them.

Russo went on to remind that this is a great opportunity to reach out to people and resolve issues in a public forum.  That way people will get the opportunity to see you work things out.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: