With the Olympics dazzling us in London, many are wondering when the summer games will next be in America.  The answer is not for a while.  They are planned for Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and right now, the finalists for 2020 are Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo.  That means that the next Summer Olympics that could be hosted in the US would be in 2024.

For the Winter games, Sochi, Russia is the site of the games in 2014.  In 2018, they will happen in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  2022 has no host right now, but the USOC has decided to bid for the 2026 games instead.

Given that it would be a while, what city do you think would be the best choice for the Olympics in the Summer?  And, where would you like to see the winter games happen in America?  Vote in both of our polls below: