I've looked high and low.  I've scoured the internet, scanned the airwaves but I can't seem to find a public outcry from either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  They must be vacationing in another hemisphere otherwise I'm sure they would have issued statements and organized marches to condemn the killing of a Kayla Golden in Houston.  Before Trayvon Martin's body was cold they had issued statements demanding justice.  Where are they now?

I guess they don't feel a need to call or scream for justice since the victim was a white mother of three and the alleged shooter is a black woman.  Do Jackson and Sharpton feel that justice was done?  Will they clamor for the shooter, Verna McClain to be set free because she is being persecuted?

30 year old McClain admitted to killing Kayla Golden and kidnapping her three day old child and is now seeking bail.  McClain's attorneys say she poses no threat to the community and has three children to take care of.  What?  No threat!  Gunning down a mother of three in a parking lot and stealing a child and she's not a threat?  What a great example she set for her own three children!

Jesse and Al let's see what you will have to say about this incident.  Where is your outrage?

I have seen Jackson and Sharpton referred to as "racial pimps" meaning their appearances only favor one race and their idea of justice is not equal for all.  It's just my opinion but I think they do fit the bill.