A recent bit of testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has a lot of people outraged.  In it, she says that they will continue to host members of a group that the State Department has called a terrorist organization at the White House.  This was offered in response to questioning of the government's decision to invite Hani Nour Eldin, an Egyptian parliamentary member elected as a member the Islamic Group (Gamaa Islamiya).

Secretary Napolitano indicates that he has been properly vetted and that everyone signed off on his presence in the country.  That is in spite of the fact that he self identified on his Facebook page as a member of this group.

Tone deaf doesn't even begin to cover it for this White House.  Not only have they decided to stop calling it the war on terror, now it's okay to meet with terrorists at the White House as long as everyone says that they're safe.  Of course, there is little reason to be surprised as this is the same White House that called the war in Libya a "kinetic military action."  I wonder what this will be called.  Maybe something along the lines of "outreach" or some similar type of thing.

How quickly things change in one administration.  George W. Bush, for all of his flaws, knew that you need to take the fight to the terrorists and you never, never, ever negotiate with them.  Barack Obama continues to think that we just need to be nicer to people and they will leave us alone.  Has he not been paying attention?  Has he forgotten the lessons of September 11, 2001?  Barack Obama has opened the door to talk with and negotiate with a known terrorist.  How is this helpful to our efforts to take out terrorists around the world?  How does this do anything but let terrorists know that they can get away with anything and the U.S. will not stand in the way.

Things like these are the reason that this administration has me very worried.  I'm sure that some would say I just don't understand, but how can you not understand the simple truth that is in front of your face?  Janet Napolitano said that we have to "add a little more nuance to that."  This must be what it takes to understand this kind of lunacy.