It's been mentioned before but it bears repeating, the White House manipulates the media, and by extension, the American public.  Aside from the outright lies and "massaging" of numbers to achieve their goals the Administration continues to slide major news items under the cover of the weekend and major spotlight-garnering events.  This weekend's events prove it again.  On Friday Energy Secretary Steven Chu handed in his letter of resignation to President Obama.  Chu won a Nobel Prize in physics but was questioned for his handling of a solar energy loan of $528 million to Solyndra which later ended up in bankruptcy.  The part that is interesting is that Chu's resignation was expected for some time but the announcement was not made until the start of Super Bowl weekend.  By Monday I'm sure most people won't even remember who the Secretary of Energy was.  Face it, Super Bowl hype for at least a week before and the Monday morning quarterbacking of the game, commercials, cheerleading and half-time entertainment for a week after will make us say, "Chu, who?".

Also on Friday, the Obama Administration proposed a compromise for faith-based non- profits that object to covering birth control for their employees.  Any talk concerning this issue will be overshadowed by the aforementioned Super Bowl hype and hoopla.  The Administration is offering to define religious organizations that are exempt from the requirement to provide birth control and they will also create a buffer between the employers and birth control coverage.  Basically the Administration said women would have free access to birth control through a third party.  The employer would not have to pay for the coverage.  Insurers would be reimbursed by a credit against fees that would be owed the government.  My reaction to that part was, 'uh?".

It's not clear whether any of the religious organizations involved will agree to this tactic, but it seems to me that if the White House would not have come up with this all-encompassing Affordable Healthcare Plan, they would not have this problem to deal with.  Don't get me started on the "affordable" part of this fiasco because it's going to get much worse.

Wrapping up, just think about the fact that except for some minor mention of Chu and a bit more on the birth control dodge, have you heard anymore about either of these news items?  Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, another rat leaving the S.S. Obama and a partial capitulation to the Catholic Church and others of the Christian faith, and it all happened in a whisper during the dark of Super Bowl weekend.