By now just about everyone is aware that the Powerball has reached an astronomical half billion dollars. That means some lucky person will soon be walking head first into a $500 million dollar pay day. Not too bad for a $2 lotto ticket.

Unfortunately, we've seen over the years that winning the lottery does not always mean instant happiness. Several past winners have blown it all with reckless abandon. Marriages have ended, friendships have been severed, and lives have been turned upside down. As Biggie Smalls put it, "Mo money, mo problems". Still, this knowledge isn't stopping anyone from buying tickets for their chance at the jackpot.

We've all thought about what we'd do if we actually did win the lottery. Some say they'd quit their job and head to the islands. Others would simply keep on doing their routine. Bernie said she would commission a world-wide search for Bigfoot. Ken on the other hand would finally launch his line of "perfect hair" products. For me, two words: Panda farm.

Now KPEL, it's time to get creative.

Regardless of what you'd want to do with the lotto money, our question for you this morning is: Who do you NOT want to see win the lottery and why?

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