So, who should it be?  There have been a lot of names floating around out there and many of them seem like they would work.  Names like John Fleming, who was recently mentioned as a possibility along with others like Charles Boustany and even his recent opponent for Congress, Jeff Landry.  But should it be one of these or someone else?  Any of these or the others mentioned would be good people for the position, but should they be the one?

I have a solution that has not been brought up to this point, but would likely work better than anyone else that Republicans would put up.  I think that Bobby Jindal should run for Senate.

For doubters, I would simply say that he is the most well known Republican politician in the state and he has a lot of things that he can point to as victories over the last few years.  He may not be interested at this point, but maybe he should be.

Governor Jindal's poll numbers are not terribly promising.  Things have been on a downward trend and he and his people have to know that something is happening.  That does not bode well for his national ambitions and many people figure that he will want to pass on another statewide office in favor of a run for the White House.  I think he would have trouble against some established talent on the Republican side of things that are more likely to see deep time into 2016 in the primaries.  Bobby Jindal would be the kind of candidate that many people would unite behind, for a varying degree of reasons.  For some, it is the anti-Landrieu vote, for others, it would be that they believe in him and for still others, it would be the opportunity to send Governor Jindal to Washington and out of Baton Rouge before people get that real fatigue that goes along with 2-term Governors.

I think it might be time for Governor Jindal to think a little smaller.  It would still be something he could do to stay in the spotlight and get some national "street cred" on issues facing the nation.  Then he might be able to run for the White House down the line or be considered as a potential VP selection for one of the other possible candidates.

Who do you think should run for Senate next year against Mary Landrieu?  Let us know who you think in the comment section below.