I'll admit I'm helping to keep Edwin Edwards in the limelight...but it's not a real big limelight if I write about him!

There are rumors that Edwin Edwards may run for the 6th District Congressional seat presently held by Congressman Bill Cassidy...rumors that Edwards is not denying or confirming.   Strange as it might seem Edwards would not need a pardon to run for this office.  Edwards said he might run only if he thought he could win because he would not want to end what he considered a successful political career on a sad note.  I guess ending your governorship with eight years in a federal lockup up denotes a successful political career in some circles?

I would say his ego is as big as the state of Texas but that would be untrue...Texas is not that big!  What is the mental defect that afflicts this man that he cannot understand he embarrassed the state he professes to love so much.  He embarrassed the state of Louisiana so many times while serving as Governor with his antics and continues to do so in his dotage.  Doesn't his addled brain 'get it' that having a trophy wife 50 years his junior who 'hooked up' with him while he was serving time in a federal pen isn't really something to be proud of.  Doesn't Edwin get it that his failed 'reality show' was an embarrassment to the state and it's people...at least the people who want him to fade into the sunset.

There are some people who would vote for Edwards but they don't get it.  They don't feel the embarrassment of having a man like Edwin Edwards representing the state of Louisiana.  These people feel like Edwards was railroaded by the federal government and they can't seem to realize that Edwards spent as much time in front of the news cameras during his last term as Bobby Jindal has spent out of state fundraising for the Republican Party during his last term.

Some people say Edwin should just go silently and enjoy his golden years but that's exactly what he is doing...well sorta...he is enjoying his silver years..making a few extra dollars for his new son's college fund, basking and tanning in the glow of the television camera lights, but he is not going quietly.  I really wish he would.