I wonder why the Louisiana Legislature can’t get down to real work instead of frittering away time and money on frivolous laws?  This week they proclaimed Scott, LA the “Boudin Capital of the World”.  Earlier this week they spent time debating whether or not to require that dogs riding in pickup trucks be restrained.
I must say I love dogs and I think establishments in Scott make some of the best boudin I’ve ever tasted but doesn’t the Legislature have more important things to consider?  Have you noticed every time there is a budget to consider it becomes a “budget crunch” because they wait until the last minute to act?  Maybe if they started with the serious work on their plates first they could handle the dessert legislation at the end of the session.  That way they would have more time to actually read and act upon important legislation.  Do you remember how in past sessions some legislators admitted they had not read bills they voted on?

Makes me wonder what will happen when someone wants to have cats restrained while in vehicles.  Should be a barrel of laughs since cats love to be confined.

I wonder if Broussard, Youngsville, Eunice, Mamou or other entity will sue claiming their right to be the “Boudin Capital of the World?  Will we as taxpayers have to foot the bill for possible litigation?  In my opinion the legislature should get to the real work at hand if they want to please their constituents.