I find it interesting that both Senator Mary Landrieu and Senator David Vitter are proposing to delay the Biggert-Waters Act which will cause flood insurance rates to sky-rocket.  I just don't get the reasoning behind a delay.

Landrieu, Vitter and others are proposing a delay of four years while mandating that FEMA completes an affordability study of the proposed increases.  Why do they need an affordability study?  In one case a homeowner's premium would increase ten-fold putting flood insurance out of reach.  Who needs to study a ten-fold increase?  If a ten-fold increase will be the result of the Biggert-Waters Act there should be no need to study if the increase is feasible.  From a $958 yearly premium to nearly $10,000 in one jump does not justify an affordability study!  I think most middle income families would agree $10,000 per year is out of reach.

My question about the whole four year delay is, why delay the Biggert-Waters Act for only four years?  Why not make it 25 or 50 years?  That way current homeowners would die off and not have to figure out how to scrimp on food and other necessities to pay for flood insurance.  New home owners coming along in 25 years or more could have the flood insurance factored in to their monthly mortgage.

Makes sense to me but that's just my opinion.